Client Testimonials

All of the moms and dads who are taking “Earn While You Learn” parenting classes are assigned homework to complete and bring back the following week.

One of the homework questions is: “You don’t become a mother when you deliver; you are a mother right now.  What does that mean to you?”  One teen mom recently wrote,

“It means that I have a small fragile living human being inside of me who is dependent on me for food, survival and protection, and as it’s mother it is my job, born or not yet, to provide, to nurture and to love it, which I do.  I eat healthier, I walk more, I quit smoking and I don’t sit around people who are smoking.”

All new clients fill out an exit evaluation after their initial visit.  Here are a few quotes from recent clients.

“I liked how my client advocate seemed to really care about my problem and she talked me through it.”

“I liked how easy it was to open up and how friendly the staff are.  I did not have any areas that I was not helped in.”

“The Center is welcoming and I felt like I was in my own home talking with a friend.”

“I liked the helpful information, the cleanliness, the politeness and your actual “desire” to help me.  My visit was perfect.

“I liked how calming it is at Care Net. My client advocate is so nice and helpful. I don’t feel so overwhelmed now that I have the information I need.”